Gas detection in shipping industries

Hatech Gasdetectie, uw partner in de scheepvaart.

In shipping and offshore facilities, such as oil platforms, the safety level is higher than average. This has to do with the special circumstances on the open water (canal, river or sea). In most cases, employees cannot get away quickly enough in the event of a gas accident and direct help from outside can also take longer than desired. Besides the many risks that a gas hazard brings on its own, there are also secondary dangers such as panic and limited space for movement. These sources of danger also count towards your choice for the ideal gas detection system, where Hatech is happy to provide you their expert advice that covers your needs as much as possible.

The choice of your gas detection system will of course also highly dependent on the type of ship, the cargo, the space(s) to be protected and the associated risks. For example, an bulk carrier or a chemical tanker will need a very different detection plan than a container vessel. In addition, it is important to coordinate your gas detection in such a way that your crew, any passengers and the vital technical functions of the ship are not compromised in any way. Hatech can provide a customized plan for each individual ship and advise you on a high expert level.

Purchasing gas detection is one thing, but the periodic maintenance of your equipment is just as important. The Hatech Gas Detection service technicians are ready to ensure that your gas detection is properly maintained. Even if it concerns equipment from different suppliers, we can assist you with this. As a user or owner of the installation, you never have to keep in touch with different suppliers. Hatech Gas Detection can completely assist you in this way, so you no longer have to look after it yourself. Inspection, calibration, repair and certification take place according to the standards and regulations that are officially prescribed for the shipping industry. Hatech is a certified service center for, among others, the following major suppliers when it comes to fixed gas detection;

– Crowcon
– Oldham
– Detcon
– Syntronics

It is of course possible to have Hatech Gas Detection advise you without obligation. For this, please contact our team via or by phone via +31 162510004.